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Over the past ten years, our products have been shipped to several countries, including Kenya, Australia, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, and the UK. Tao Glass always puts the needs of the customer first. We have developed a strong image thanks to our extensive knowledge and top-notch support.

The word TAO, which appears in our company moniker TAO GLASS, is derived from Chinese Taoism. It contains the essence of truth and the path leading towards it. The name of our company will be TAO. We will always follow the proper technological path and maintain a moral company practice. TAO GLASS concentrates on equipment and techniques for high-quality glass processing. The best products might not be the least expensive or the most expensive. The best products must adhere to the precise needs and methods of the clients. However, we constantly strive for perfection by providing top-notch products and expert service, so there is no such thing as perfect in our thoughts. We will continue to uphold and live out our TAO.

Why Choose Us

  • From helping the customers choose the appropriate machines to provide technical support throughout the procedure to life after service.
  • Only products made specifically for the customers are the best; products with the lowest or highest rate are not necessarily the best option.
  • With our professional assistance, we will assist the customers in resolving their concerns and maximising their benefits.

Our Business Approach

We cherish each and every one of our clients and always conduct business with them in an ethical manner. In addition, the primary tenets of our business approach are honesty, integrity, transparency, law abidance, fairness, respect for everyone, and many more.

Quality Policy

All operations are thoroughly monitored by our team of highly trained experts, who also ensure that customers only receive the best products such as Glass Coating And Mirror Line, Glass Polishing Wheel, Manual Polishing Machine, etc. We also use packing materials of the highest quality.

Our Associated Company

Our company, Champion Union Glass Technology Co., Ltd is invested by Champion Union. Champion Union maintains close working relations with partners in technology and trading business in America and Europe. With the help of the associated companies, in almost all of the major countries, our products are exported in a fast and steady manner.

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